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"House 2: The Second Story" Poster: A Vintage Slice of 80s Horror


Horror movie posters have a unique ability to capture the essence of a film, teasing audiences with a glimpse of the terror and excitement that awaits them. "House 2: The Second Story," released in 1987 as a horror-comedy, is no exception. Its poster art encapsulates the bizarre and whimsical nature of the film while inviting viewers to step into a world where the supernatural meets the hilarious. In this article, well take a closer look at the poster for "House 2: The Second Story" and its role in reflecting the films distinct blend of horror and comedy.

The Posters Design:

Vibrant Colors: The "House 2" poster draws viewers in with its bold and vivid colors. The dominant shades of electric blue and neon pink evoke the psychedelic and otherworldly elements of the film.

Eye-Catching Imagery: At the center of the poster is a surreal and detailed illustration. A mysterious and ornate doorway stands as the focal point, hinting at the films exploration of supernatural dimensions within a house.

Characters and Creatures: Surrounding the door are a variety of characters and creatures that populate the film. These include a skull-wielding cowboy, a mummified dog, a prehistoric ancestor, and even a baby pterodactyl. These elements reflect the films offbeat and fantastical storyline.

Tagline: The poster features a tagline that reads, "Its an all-new house with brand new owners." This succinctly encapsulates the premise of the film as a fresh and quirky take on the haunted house trope.

The Role of the Poster:

Evoking Curiosity: The "House 2" poster is a visual enigma, provoking curiosity and inviting viewers to explore the bizarre world within the film. It effectively conveys the sense of adventure and discovery that awaits.

Setting the Tone: While the film combines horror and comedy, the poster leans more towards the whimsical and surreal side. It hints at the films lighthearted approach to horror, setting the tone for an entertaining and unpredictable viewing experience.

Nostalgia: For fans of 80s horror cinema, the "House 2" poster is a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era when horror films often embraced the bizarre and experimental.

Collectors Item: The poster has become a sought-after collectors item for horror enthusiasts, as it represents not only the film but also the spirit of 80s horror culture.


The poster for "House 2: The Second Story" is more than just promotional artwork; its a window into the films unique and unconventional world. It invites viewers to embrace the odd, the whimsical, and the supernatural while promising a horror-comedy experience like no other. As both a reflection of the film and a piece of 80s horror nostalgia, the "House 2" poster continues to hold a special place in the hearts of horror aficionados and collectors, serving as a colorful reminder of the films distinctive charm.

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